4. US Military’s Continual Breach of the Nuremberg Code/US and Nazi War Criminals

A heritage adopted, Human Experimentation, CIA-Military

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Part III (Military Unchecked Powers/Media)

The operations aimed at using the technologies herein referred to, namely non-lethal weapons, electromagnetic energy weapons, are cannibalistic, psychopathic, and as bad as the NAZI atrocities in human experimentation, that have been well documented. 

A certain, but little known fact, is that Operations, most notably, Project Paperclip (5), involved departments of defense, intelligence, and others within the US government, and used government and taxpayer monies, to bring more than 700 Nazi scientists to the US, as well as other present day NATO countries. Some of these scientists and medical doctors were involved in horrific experiments, using humans.

Such Nazi war criminal extraditions of recent, namely John Demjanjuk (6) may be seen in a different light, with knowledge of Hubertus Stronghold (7) and Josef Mengele(8), two Nazi scientsits, who presided over, and conducted, brutle and grusome experiments using living human beings. Strunghold, once in the US, worked in high level position at Brooks Air Force Base, in Texas, School of Aviation Medicine, and was upholded by many, and rewarded by  The Texas State Senate, a day commemorating him.  In 1985, June 15th was named Dr. Hubertus Stronghold Day. (7)  Mengele (8) escaped to Buenos Aires, and escaped the fate that is now that of John Demjanjuk.               

A heritage seems to have been adopted within departments of intelligence and defense here in the US, one stemming from the importation of Nazi medical doctors and scientist.  This is a certain fact,  especially when considering the following: the US media is influenced by the Pentagon(controlled); the US parades itself as the star on the map of human development; and the US harbored Nazi war criminals, changed their identities, hired them as employees, and many were connected to war crimes, some directly, others indirectly (5 ). The traditions so depicted in the displays of horrific crimes committed, in the name of science, during Nazi Germany, is one that lives on here in the United States, and includes much more than the what is stated in the 1970s reports to Congress and Senate of CIA experiments, which to this day, continue.  The bibliography linked below will indicate the reality of the technologies now in the the operational hands of our military and CIA, as well as offer a glimpse at how these technologies are being used, off the battlefield, and in our hometowns.

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